Cody Daniels

Full-stack web developer, lifelong learner, aspiring linguist, tennis player, desert dweller, and mexican food fanatic from Mesa, Arizona.














Chrome Extension

Carbajal's Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican cuisine in Mesa, Arizona.

HTML / CSS / Google Maps

Personal Website

A place to showcase my work.

HTML / CSS / Javascript

Voice Coach (WIP)

Perfect your pronunciation

HTML / CSS / Javascript / Firebase

Age Counter

A new tab chrome extension that displays the age of the user in real time accurate to 9 decimal places. (Updates every 10ms)

HTML / CSS / Javascript / Chrome Extension

Twitter Mood

Sentiment analysis of recent tweets with an LED display.

NodeJS / Johnny-Five

Image to Nutrition

Using IBM's Watson and the USDA API to identify food in an image and return nutritional data.

HTML / NodeJS / Express / Watson Developer Cloud


A Python library for conjugating Finnish verbs and declining Finnish nouns.


Email Spam Trigger Word Finder

Avoid writing emails that will get caught up in spam filters.

HTML / CSS / Javascript


Pinterest for binge-worthy TV shows.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap / NodeJS / Express / Firebase

Stock Market

Charting the stock market with ChartJS and SocketIO.

HTML / Javascript / Bootstrap / NodeJS / Express / ChartJS / SocketIO

Book Trading Club

Trade books with people near you.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap / NodeJS / Express / Firebase

Nightlife Coordinator

Find bars near you and notify others that you are going.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / Bootstrap / NodeJS / Express / Firebase

Flickr Search API

A simple API micro-service to search Flickr for images.

HTML / NodeJS / Express / MongoDB / Flickr

File Metadata API

A simple API micro-service that returns the size of a file.

HTML / NodeJS / Express

URL Shortener API

A simple API micro-service that shortens urls.

HTML / NodeJS / Express / MongoDB

Request Header API

A simple API micro-service to return data about your user agent.

HTML / NodeJS / Express

Timestamp API

A simple API micro-service to parse natural and unix dates.

HTML / NodeJS / Express

Bar Chart

The Gross Domestic Product of the United States from December 1946 to June 2015.

HTML / SASS / Javascript / D3

Map Chart

The location and magnitude of all recorded meteorite strikes.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / D3

Scatterplot Graph

The 35 fastest times up Alpe d'Huez.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / D3

Heat Map

The average global land-surface temperature from January 1753 to September 2015.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / D3

Dungeon Crawler

A dungeon crawler game written in React.

HTML / SASS / Javascript / React

Conway's Game of Life

A Conway's Game of Life simulator written in React.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / React

Recipe Box

A React app to store recipes in localStorage.

HTML / SASS / Javascript / React / jQuery / Bootstrap

FCC Leaderboard

The top 100 freeCodeCamp campers sorted by recent or all time points.

HTML / SASS / Javascript / React / jQuery

Markdown Previewer

Parses Markdown as you type.

HTML / SASS / Javascript / React


A calculator written in Javascript.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery

Simon Says

Play classic Simon Says.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap


Play tic-tac-toe against the computer.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery

Random Wisdom Machine

Words of wisdom I have collected while searching the internet.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap

Pomodoro Timer

Stay productive by taking breaks at regular intervals.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery


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